Amy Iacullo

Where do I begin.. I went in as a complete sceptic when Mary helped me with my fear of flying my thoughts being “really.. how can this help me?”. I developed a gripping fear of flying through PTSD and thought I was at a point of no return and I would never ever fly again.
After some treatment with Mary she opened my mind to just how powerful my mind can be. Opening doors, windows and even some secret places I didn’t know I had to guide me into turning this fear around and handling it with realistic thinking.
I flew out one week later, after sticking with the methods she gave me and carrying them out. I fixed my positivity and took myself through my timeline when I thought fear would come on and walked off the plane feeling so amazing. The flight home was a walk in the park!!
I cannot rave enough about Mary’s methods- I am her own personal cheerleader.
She has, hands down, completely saved and changed my life.